The length of a divorce will depend on whether it is defended or undefended. A defended divorce is where the divorce and/or the reasons for the divorce are not agreed. An undefended divorce is where the divorce and the reasons for the divorce are agreed.

An undefended divorce can take between 4 and 6 months to finalise. This is because the Court does not have to spend a lot of its time or resources on the divorce. Undefended divorces are rarely listed for hearings. It is possible for undefended divorces to take longer than 6 months where they involve the splitting up of finances or care arrangements for children. These can usually be dealt with separately and after a divorce has been finalised. However, it may be desirable in some cases to deal with everything at the same time as the divorce.

It is difficult to provide timescales for defended divorces because each divorce is unique and there could be several different reasons leading to the divorce being defended. It is generally accepted that defended divorces can take longer than 12 months to finalise. It is very important to hire a good divorce solicitor in a situation where a divorce is defended.

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